What are Commodities?

Trade commodity CFDs with leverage within our global commodity markets, including Gold, Silver, Brent and Crude Oil on our platform. With tight spreads, lightning-fast execution and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

Advantages of trading commodities with DCFX PRIME

  • Most cost-effective and efficient way of trading the market
  • Access to Gold & Oil
  • Trade on the most popular commodities
  • Leverage up to 50:1


InstrumentVolume per LotPip ValueSwap
Brent Crude Oil Spot
1000 Barrels
10 USD -4.94/-16.06
WTI Crude Oil Spot
1000 Barrels
10 USD -13.40/-7.60
Silver / US Dollar
5000 Troy Ounces
5 USD -4.96/1.55
Gold / US Dollar
100 Troy Ounces
1 USD -31.37/22.86
Trading Session (GMT+3)
BRENT MON 03:05 FRI 23:55 --
WTI MON 01:05 FRI 23:55 --
XAGUSD MON 01:05 FRI 23:55 --
XAUUSD MON 01:05 FRI 23:55 --

Transaction Terms and Conditions

  • Prices quoted are based on live market prices with a bid and offer spread. During hectic and volatile market conditions, spreads between the bid and offer prices can be wider than usual. Slippage prices can happen for stop orders during hectic conditions.
  • The following can happen during a volatile market condition:
    a. Bid or Offer only one side.
    b. The spread between the Bid and Offer is wider than normal provided by the Liquidity Provider.
    c. News flashes such as economic, political, terrorism and natural disaster can cause big price movement.
  • During hectic and volatile market conditions, trading may be disrupted due to lack of bid/offer prices and slower price updates. The company reserves the right to widen the spread depending on market conditions.
  • Each Transaction will be limited by maximum 50 lots.

Invalid Quote

If there is a price error (invalid quote) on the system, the company has the right to cancel the transaction that occurs with or without the consent of the customer.


Swaps values may be adjusted daily based on market conditions and rates provided by our Liquidity Provider applicable to all open positions. Triple swaps are applied every Wednesday. Swaps for XAU and XAG swaps are expressed in pips per 1 lot.
Server Times: Winter: GMT+2 and Summer: GMT+3 (DST) (last Sunday of March and ends last Sunday of October).
During the time period from 23:55 to 00:05 server time increased spreads and decreased liquidity can take place due to daily bank rollover. In case of inadequate liquidity/spreads during bank rollover, widened spreads and excessive slippage may occur. Therefore orders may not be executed during these times. When the equity (position exposure) value is less than or equal to 100% of margin requirement, Margin Call event will occur. When the equity (position exposure) value is less than or equal to 50% of margin requirement, positions with the highest loss will be liquidated without prior notification to clients.

Calculating Commodities Margin Requirements

Account Leverage: 50:1
Account Base Currency: USD
Position: Open 10 lot BUY XAUUSD at 1,800
Size of 1 Lot: 100 Troy Ounces
Maintenance Margin: 2%
Margin Required is: 1800*100*10*2% = 36,000USD