We provide advanced technology, tailored liquidity solutions and comprehensive operational and risk management services to both professional clients and corporate clients across the globe.


DCFX PRIME PTE. LTD. (DCFX) provides direct market access to tier one bank liquidity through our prime liquidity solutions which enable our clientele to tap into our liquidity pools and orders books as prime of prime market participants giving them the requisite access and edge for low latency trading and executions. DCFX unique end-to-end solution enables user-friendly access to top-notch optimal trading along with concise trades reconciliation functionalities.

Prime Liquidity Provider


Dedicated Liquidity

DCFX offers trade and quote price aggregation from multiple prime liquidity pools from tier one banks and financial institutions to provide optimal trades fills and executions at the best possible trade conditions we can provide with dedicated market layers and volume-weighted average price (VWAP) sweep from our liquidity pools.


Bespoke Liquidity

DCFX offers the flexibility for clients to construct their own dedicated order and price execution methodology where they can set their own order types and trades execution methods through our own DCFX web trader and FIX API credentials. In addition, DCFX will offer additional market layers for certain products upon request subjected to business conditions to offer the best optimal trading conditions possible for our valued clients.


Liquidity Pools

DCFX liquidity pools include pricing quotes from tier one banks and financial institutions market participants with multiple layer sizes available for trade aggregation or instant execution.

Access Exclusive Global Trading Instruments

Trade over 25 major, and minor currency pairs with competitive spreads
Discover the world's leading indices with competitive spreads and low margin requirements.
Stock CFD
Buy and sell International stocks such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple and many more with low commissions.
Diversify your investment portfolios in Gold, Silver, and Oil.

DCFX Trading and Aggregation Engine

DCFX PRIME PTE. LTD. (DCFX) utilise the FIX 4.4 protocol specifications which are the standard FIX API protocols most commonly used by both buy-side (investors) and sell-side (Banks/FIs) for direct market access connectivity and trade executions.

All-in-one Solutions

DCFX PRIME Trading and Aggregation Engine provides an industry leading one-stop solution for all professional and corporate investors.
Enables Multi-Asset Tier one Liquidity
Low Latency connectivity solutions across all FIX API, MT4 bridge and MT5 gateway
Gateway to Tier one Bank liquidity and financial technology partner for your business needs

DCFX Trading and Aggregation Engine Flows


DCFX WebTrader

DCFX PRIME PTE. LTD. (DCFX) will offer our own proprietary WebTrader platform for our valued clients, DCFX WebTrader offers easy access and customizable features optimized for professional traders with user-intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) and customizable charting features and orders execution methods.

The WebTrader Edge

DCFX WebTrader offers an advanced Market Depth feature where users can view our existing liquidity pools with the requisite market layers at both bid and offer pricing. This is further optimized for users as One-Click Trading is enabled for our Market Depth Feature and traders to direct execute on the selected market price layer. Furthermore, DCFX WebTrader offers a variety of order execution methods like IOC (Immediate or Cancel)/ FOK (Fill or Kill) with the default order execution set as VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) Sweep to enable the best optimal trading conditions and fills available at the time of execution. Limit and stop orders are also available to help secure profits and minimize losses.
DCFX WebTrader will help you and your team to derive the absolute market edge to ride through any market volatility.


DCFX Webtrader provides easy accessibility for all users to trade and access the financial markets from any internet browsers and is compatible with all existing OS (Operating Systems) Windows, MacOS or Linux. In summary, you will only require a computer or laptop with internet access.
With Webtrader, all you need to have is an Internet connection.
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Encrypted and Secure

DCFX will always ensure data protection and integrity is uphold and our Web Trader software ensures end to end fully encrypted data transmission. We also offers the option of two-factor authentication as an additional enhanced protection for our users and clients.